A real family company
Rederij Driemast is a real family company. Established in 2006 by the brothers Henk en Jan Marten Mastenbroek. Father Willem Mastenbroek joined in the background. Both brothers were born and raised in shipping.
Henk: “The love for sailing was already passed on to us at an early age by our parents. We were born and raised on inland barges. In 1977 our parents bought a coaster and transferred from inland trade to coastal trade. On board their vessels we learned all facets of the profession and both my brother and me went to nautical school to step into the footsteps of our parents.

_dsc0286_photoworkx_rederij-driemastExperience Henk
“After graduation of nautical school I started sailing as a mate and later as a captain on several coasters. My biggest desire was to own a vessel myself. For health reasons, I was forced ashore and worked for 11 years with the Scheepvaartdienst Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal (Board of Transport dep. Utrecht). In 2004 I was able to go back to sea again. In all the years ashore I kept sailing several months a year on the vessels of my parents and brother and sister in law. This way I kept my experience and license valid. My switch to the towing business when I started sailing again was a well-considered choice. Our youngest brother  Willem-Harm was already doing it and this gave me a good opportunity to look into the business. I started working as a mate on the Noorman of Jan Koerts and a year later as a captain with van Wijngaarden Marine Service on a.o. the IJsselstroom. The desire to ever possess my own vessel (tug) was still there.”

_dsc0239_photoworkx_rederij-driemastExperience Jan Marten
“I also started sailing on different coasters as a mate and captain after graduation from nautical school. The first vessel I bought was a charter vessel. A clipper (under sail), named “Petronella Lydia”. I sailed with her on the IJsselmeer and Waddenzee with passengers. Subsequently I did this for another year on a sailing vessel in the Baltic, my first “Meander”. The next step was switching from passenger- to cargo vessels and bought my first coaster. A so-called “Denmark-trader”, named “Meander” again. In 2000 I bought a “low air draught coaster”, my third “Meander”. A beautiful coaster with whom I’ve sailed in time-charter for RMS Duisburg for 5 years, in a regular service from the Ruhrgebiet (GER) to Goole (UK) v.v. I sold this vessel in 2005 and my wife and I went ashore. We wanted to purchase another vessel, but didn’t yet know what kind and in which trade. All options were open.”

A private company

After consultation between brothers and sisters-in-law, we joined hands and formed plans for the acquisition of a tugboat. Father and Mother Mastenbroek wanted, in the back-ground, to help as well. REDERIJ DRIEMAST B.V. was born.

Henk: “After some orientation on the second hand market it was decided to explore if new building was an option. Our idea was to build a multi-functional tugboat (towing, pushing, anchor handling, assisting, salvage survey etc.) and also looks nice. After visiting some Shipyards and viewing some types of vessels the choice fell on Scheepswerf Gebr. Kooiman in Zwijndrecht. Gebr. Kooiman had already built several tugsboats. Beautiful tugboats. Functional. A well thought out and practical concept, in addition to which there was also the opportunity to apply many of our own ideas. On 16 February 2006 we signed the building contract.

A multi-functional tugboat
Scheepswerf Gebr. Kooiman has built a beautiful product. The “MEANDER” is a multi-functional tugboat, equipped with:
• a crane with a capacity of 200tm, max. extended at 15,75m able to lift 9,75 ton.
• a double drum towing winch, independently operational.
• Removable bulwark on port side to f.i. place a floating pipe-line longitudinal over the entire work deck, which makes it easier to work with. • a draught of only 2,50m, that makes us able to work in shallow waters.
• and a bollard pull over 30 ton.

Ready for the first job
On 27 October 2006 the “Meander” was launched and slided into her element for the first time. On 18 November 2006 the Meander was Christened by Harmke Mastenbroek-Touwslager (mother of the owners). After a brief visit to her home port Vreeswijk, she left on Saturday 25 November 2006 via Flushing to Dubai for 2 years for Van Oord Rocktransport.